Monday, September 29, 2014

Women and Cigarettes Research

At the last congress of the European Society of Cardiology Italian experts have sounded some disappointing conclusions. According to them, women are more affected by smoking and alcohol than men.

Corriere della Sera quoted Professor Elena Tremolo from the Department of Pharmacology, University of Milan: The ratio of the harm caused by smoking to female body as compared with the male body is 5 to1 Moreover, neither age nor pressure, weight, or social status could not influence these statistics .

There is no secret that women are better able to withstand cardiovascular disorders. Therefore, usually, few studies paid attention to the factors that pose a threat to their health. Even if the statistics shows that 55-60 years old men are more often affected from heart diseases, the onset of menopause and unhealthy lifestyle equates with them and women.

The researchers made another surprising finding. As it turned out, a good education in men was associated with less pollution their arteries. But women's higher education is not a concludent factor in this sense.  Moreover, addiction to alcohol and cigarettes, while not kill them before men, but it will significantly reduces quality of women’s life.

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